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Influenza A Virus IgA Control Serum BC1231A



  • Virion/Serion Diagnostic Kit Control for research use (RUO)
  • Influenza A Virus IgA Control Serum
  • Applications: ELISA
  • IgA control serum
  • Ready-to-use; pre-diluted for SERION ELISA classic and SERION ELISA antigen assays
  • 3 mL
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 2 in

Influenza A Virus reactive IgA

species reactivity

Influenza A Virus



assay type

Indirect & quantitative

available size

3 mL

Available product – Influenza A Virus IgA Control Serum BC1231A

Research area
Infectious Disease
Store at 2-8°C.
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target relevance
Influenza Virus A/B
Structure and strains
The influenzavirus virion is pleomorphic; the viral envelope can occur in spherical and filamentous forms. In general, the virus's morphology is ellipsoidal with particles 100 120 nm in diameter, or filamentous with particles 80 100 nm in diameter and up to 20 m long. There are approximately 500 distinct spike-like surface projections in the envelope each projecting 10 14 nm from the surface with varying surface densities. The major glycoprotein (HA) spike is interposed irregularly by clusters of neuraminidase (NA) spikes, with a ratio of HA to NA of about 10 to 1.

The viral envelope composed of a lipid bilayer membrane in which the glycoprotein spikes are anchored encloses the nucleocapsids; nucleoproteins of different size classes with a loop at each end; the arrangement within the virion is uncertain. The ribonuclear proteins are filamentous and fall in the range of 50 130 nm long and 9 15 nm in diameter with helical symmetry.
The main reservoirs for Influenza Viruses are man and a wide variety of other mammals as well as birds. The pathogens are characterized by a distinct immunogenic variability due to a high mutation frequency and the ability to exchange their genetic material. Point mutations introduce gradual changes in the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase antigens (antigenic drift). Coinfection of a host with two different strains of influenza viruses can result in a reassortment of their segmented RNA genome and produce new subtypes (antigenic shift). It is such an event which may lead to a global pandemic of Influenza.

Influenza is an acute respiratory disease with highly contagious viruses being transmitted through droplet infection. The spectrum of symptoms, which appear after a short incubation period of one to three days, is variable and ranges from asymptomatic infections to pneumonia, acute respiratory failure and death. A sudden onset of disease is very characteristic for influenza. Fever, cough, headache and muscle aches develop within a few hours of symptoms onset.
Detection and diagnosis
PCR and antigen detection methods are particularly recommended for direct pathogen determination while ELISA is a reliable method for the demonstration of pathogen-specific antibodies, although the relevance of results obtained with antibody detection methods is very dependent upon the antigen utilised in the test. The use of the virus envelope proteins, such as haemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA), permits the detection of immunity conferring antibodies, which may persist life-long and may complicate the result interpretation. In contrast, if conserved nucleo- (NP) or matrix proteins (M) are used, then the antibodies detected generally persist only for weeks or months post infection. Consequently, it is possible to better differentiate between past and acute infections.



Published literature highly relevant to the biological target of this product and referencing this antibody or clone are retrieved from PubMed database provided by The United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.



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BC1231A protocol


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