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GST antibodies

8446mousemonoclonal (GST.B6)IgG2aWBICCELISA

GST fusion proteins, referring to Glutathione S-transferase fusion proteins, have become invaluable tools in molecular biology and biotechnology. GST, an enzyme naturally present in cells, is fused with the protein of interest to facilitate recombinant protein production and purification. The GST tag not only enhances the solubility and stability of the target protein but also allows for easy isolation using affinity chromatography with glutathione-linked resin. The specific and high-affinity interaction between GST and glutathione simplifies the purification process, resulting in highly pure and functional fusion proteins. Moreover, GST fusion proteins are widely used in protein-protein interaction studies, as they can help identify binding partners and elucidate complex signaling pathways. Additionally, GST fusion proteins serve as efficient antigens for generating antibodies, enabling researchers to produce specific and high-quality antibodies for various applications.