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MBP antibodies

6906mousemonoclonal (MBP61R)IgG2bWBICCELISA

Maltose-binding protein (MBP) has emerged as a highly effective and widely used fusion protein in biotechnology and recombinant protein expression. MBP is a stable, soluble, and well-folded protein that exhibits a strong affinity for maltose, making it an excellent tool for enhancing the expression and solubility of target proteins. In the context of fusion proteins, MBP is often genetically linked to a target protein of interest, allowing for simultaneous production of both proteins. The presence of MBP aids in proper folding and stability of the fused target protein, preventing aggregation and proteolytic degradation. Additionally, MBP can facilitate the purification of the fusion protein through affinity chromatography, where the fusion protein can be selectively eluted using maltose. This purification process greatly simplifies and expedites protein purification, ensuring high yields of correctly folded and biologically active target protein.