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Calreticulin antibodies

9015rabbitpolyclonalIgGhuman mouse ratWBICCIHC

Calreticulin, an abundant protein found in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), serves both as an essential organelle marker and a cell marker. Within the ER, calreticulin plays a critical role in calcium homeostasis and protein folding, ensuring proper maturation and quality control of newly synthesized proteins. Its presence and function in the ER make calreticulin a valuable organelle marker, aiding in the identification and localization of this dynamic and essential cellular compartment. Additionally, calreticulin has emerged as a prominent cell marker due to its distinct expression patterns in various cell types and physiological conditions. By detecting and measuring the levels of calreticulin on the cell surface, researchers can identify and isolate specific cell populations, such as stem cells or cancer cells.