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Beta tubulin antibodies

5007mousemonoclonal (BT7R)IgG2ahuman mouse rat rabbit hamsterWBICCELISA
9003rabbitmonoclonalIgGhuman mouse ratWBICCIHC

As a structural component of microtubules, beta-tubulin plays a fundamental role in maintaining cell shape, supporting intracellular transport, and facilitating cell division. Due to its stable expression levels and essential cellular functions, beta-tubulin has become widely recognized as a valuable loading control in various experimental techniques, such as Western blotting and immunoblotting. Its consistent presence in most eukaryotic cells ensures that its expression remains relatively constant, making it an ideal reference protein for normalizing and quantifying target protein levels accurately. The use of beta-tubulin as a loading control helps compensate for variations in protein loading and gel transfer during experimentation, enabling researchers to make reliable comparisons across different samples.