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DYDDDDK or Flag tag antibodies

5299mousemonoclonal (FG4R)IgG1WBICCELISA
8963mousemonoclonal (1D2)IgG2bWBICCELISA

The DYDDDDK tag, also known as the FLAG tag, is a short peptide sequence that has become a popular and powerful tool in recombinant protein expression. When fused to the N- or C-terminus of a target protein, the DYDDDDK tag allows for easy detection, purification, and immunoprecipitation of the expressed protein. Its small size and minimal impact on protein folding and function make it an attractive choice for various research applications. The DYDDDDK tag is recognized by commercially available high-affinity antibodies, facilitating the sensitive and specific detection of the tagged protein using techniques like Western blotting or immunofluorescence. Furthermore, the FLAG tag is amenable to purification via affinity chromatography, where anti-FLAG antibodies are immobilized on a resin, enabling efficient and rapid purification of the tagged protein from complex biological samples.