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Doublecortin antibodies

9059rabbitpolyclonalIgGhuman mouse ratWBICCIHC

Doublecortin (DCX) is a protein that has garnered significant attention in scientific research, particularly in the field of neuroscience and developmental biology. Initially identified for its role in neuronal migration during brain development, DCX has emerged as a valuable cell marker for proliferating cells in various tissues and organisms. Its widespread expression in immature neurons makes it a crucial tool in studies aimed at understanding neurogenesis and cellular proliferation. Researchers commonly utilize DCX as an immunohistochemical marker to identify and quantify dividing cells in the brain and other tissues. Its reliability as a cell marker has provided crucial insights into the dynamics of cell proliferation, differentiation, and neuroregeneration, facilitating breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and potential therapeutic strategies for neurological disorders.