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Myc tag antibodies

5460mousemonoclonal (MYC.A7)IgG1WBICCELISA

The Myc tag has become an invaluable tool in scientific research, facilitating the study of protein expression, localization, and interactions. Derived from the c-Myc protein, a transcription factor involved in cell proliferation and differentiation, the Myc tag is a small peptide sequence (EQKLISEEDL) that can be fused to the N or C terminus of a target protein. The Myc tag is widely used due to its small size, which minimally interferes with the function and properties of the tagged protein. Researchers commonly employ the Myc tag as an epitope for detection using specific Myc tag antibodies, enabling easy and sensitive visualization of the tagged protein in various assays, including Western blotting and immunofluorescence. Additionally, the Myc tag’s versatility allows for the purification and isolation of the tagged protein using affinity chromatography, facilitating protein characterization and downstream functional studies.