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GAPDH antibodies

1937mousemonoclonal (GA1R)IgG1human mouse rat rabbit hamsterWBICCELISA
9013rabbitpolyclonalIgGhuman mouse ratWBICCIHC

Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) is a widely studied enzyme that plays a crucial role in glycolysis, the metabolic pathway responsible for generating energy in cells. Apart from its primary metabolic function, GAPDH has emerged as a significant tool in scientific research, particularly in the field of molecular biology and biochemistry. Due to its stable expression levels and essential role in cellular metabolism, GAPDH is commonly used as a loading control in various experimental techniques, such as Western blotting and gel electrophoresis. As a loading control, GAPDH serves as a reference protein to normalize and ensure equal loading of protein samples across different lanes on a gel, compensating for variations in protein loading and gel transfer. Its relatively constant expression in most cells and tissues makes it an ideal standard for comparing protein levels, allowing researchers to accurately quantify and compare target protein expression in experimental samples.