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Beta actin antibodies

5132mousemonoclonal (BA3R)IgG2bhuman mouse rat rabbit hamsterWBICCELISA
9038rabbitmonoclonalIgGhuman mouse rat rabbit hamsterWBICCELISA

Beta-actin, a specific isoform of actin, is one of the most widely used loading controls in scientific research, particularly in cell biology and molecular biology studies. As a cytoskeletal protein, beta-actin is present in virtually all eukaryotic cells and is involved in providing structural integrity and cell motility. Its consistent and abundant expression levels make it an ideal reference protein for normalizing protein loading in Western blotting and other protein analysis techniques. The choice of beta-actin as a loading control is favored due to its stable expression under various experimental conditions and its resistance to fluctuations in response to changes in cell state or treatments. By using beta-actin as a loading control, researchers can accurately compare and quantify the expression levels of their target proteins, ensuring that variations in protein loading and gel transfer are accounted for. This dependable normalization strategy significantly improves the accuracy and reliability of experimental data.