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Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1 Protein 4784



  • Expression: HEK293
  • Functional: Yes (ELISA)
  • Amino Acid Range: Gln30-Glu403
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C-His-Avi, also biotinylated

Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1 Protein 4784

Size and concentration
100, 500µg and lyophilized
Storage Instructions
Valid for 12 months from date of receipt when stored at -80°C. Recommend to aliquot the protein into smaller quantities for optimal storage. Please minimize freeze-thaw cycles.
Storage buffer
Shipped at ambient temperature.
> 95% as determined by Tris-Bis PAGE
target relevance
ROR1 (Receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 1), also known as neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor-related 1 (NTRKR1),  is a member of  the ROR family within receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) superfamily. Two ROR family members (ROR1 and ROR2) have been identified and are characterized by the intracellular tyrosine kinase domains, highly related to those of the Trk-family receptor tyrosine kinases, and by the extracellular Frizzled-like cysteine-rich domains and kringle domains, which are common to receptors of the Wnt family members.
Protein names
Inactive tyrosine-protein kinase transmembrane receptor ROR1 (Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor-related 1)
Gene names
Protein family
Protein kinase superfamily, Tyr protein kinase family, ROR subfamily
FUNCTION: Has very low kinase activity in vitro and is unlikely to function as a tyrosine kinase in vivo (PubMed:25029443). Receptor for ligand WNT5A which activate downstream NFkB signaling pathway and may result in the inhibition of WNT3A-mediated signaling (PubMed:25029443, PubMed:27162350). In inner ear, crucial for spiral ganglion neurons to innervate auditory hair cells (PubMed:27162350). {ECO:0000269|PubMed:25029443, ECO:0000269|PubMed:27162350}.
Subellular location
SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Membrane {ECO:0000269|PubMed:27162350}; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Cell projection, axon {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:Q9Z139}.
TISSUE SPECIFICITY: Expressed strongly in human heart, lung and kidney, but weakly in the CNS. Isoform Short is strongly expressed in fetal and adult CNS and in a variety of human cancers, including those originating from CNS or PNS neuroectoderm.
Target Relevance information above includes information from UniProt accession : Q01973
The UniProt Consortium


ELISA with Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1 Protein
Immobilized Anti-ROR1 Antibody, hFc Tag at 1µg/ml (100µl/Well) on the plate. Dose response curve for Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1, His Tag with the EC50 of 0.14µg/ml determined by ELISA.
HPLC of Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1 Protein
The purity of Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1 is greater than 95% as determined by SEC-HPLC.
SDS-PAGE gel of Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1 Prote
Biotinylated Human/Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque ROR1 on Tris-Bis PAGE under reduced condition. The purity is greater than 95%.


Published literature highly relevant to the biological target of this product and referencing this antibody or clone are retrieved from PubMed database provided by The United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.



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